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Tubac is said to have “good light” attracting some of the world’s finest artists to this small art community at the base of the Santa Rita Mountains in Southern, Arizona. At home with the traditions of their ancestors here, artists explore and work in all medium’s from traditional to contemporary. With over 100 galleries, Tubac is home to the internationally acclaimed and longest running annual art gathering in the United States, The Festival of the Arts. This five-day event is held every February and draws people from all over the world. Tubac offers a robust schedule of events throughout the year with the Tubac Center of the Arts providing arts programming and seasonal exhibitions not to be missed. Anza Trail days celebrate the national trail that established San Francisco, and it’s historic departure from Tubac every fall season.

Tubac has been home to at least five distinct cultures: Hohokam (300-1400 AD); O’odham (Pima and Papago) in the 1500s; Spanish (1752-1821); Mexican (1821-1853); and American (1853-present). Tubac, where Spanish and Native America families lived long before the American Revolution, is home of the Tubac Presidio State Park, Arizona’s first state park. Site of the first European settlement in Arizona, the Tubac Presidio was established in 1752 and features a museum and preserved structures tracing the history of Tubac from prehistoric times to the present. Today the community celebrates its art, history, and culture through numerous special events and festivals.

The Javelina Project is a local community-based project led by the Tubac Center of the Arts.

The effort is a multi-phase, community-driven initiative designed to reinforce downtown Tubac and Tumacacori as destination points for tourists & visitors.

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Project Information

“Wild Javelinas” are now “roaming free” in various locations around Tubac, and a few have also “wandered off” to Green Valley and Tucson. Javelinas de Tubac, a unique outdoor exhibit available to the public through the end of March 2020, consists of 40 adults and six sets of baby javelinas painted by local artists and organizations.  The project is coordinated by the Tubac Center of the Arts, and the main goal is to increase visitation to the area.  
The Javelinas de Tubac exhibit is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the beauty, uniqueness, and variety of talent exhibited by Tubac’s many artists.  They are located throughout the town including some of its most historic locations like Tumacacori National Historical Park and Tubac Presidio State Park.  In the end, a live auction of the javelinas will benefit several local non-profits.  In these ways, the project really showcases what Tubac is all about:  art, history, and community.

Miniature: Tubac's Javelina

Are you “wild” about the Javelina pig statues project? Get your own miniature fiberglass pig! This mini javelina statue stands at 7″ long x 4 ¾” tall x 2 ¾” wide. Your purchase of this javelina garden sculpture profits Tubac Center of the Arts.   Click here for more information

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