Javelinas on Parade – Tubac, AZ




In southern Arizona, Tubac Center of the Arts has taken the initiative to make their downtown a destination point by sponsoring Javelinas on Parade, a celebration of the wild boar-like animal the area is known for. To reinforce Tubac’s reputation as a place “Where art and history meet”, the public art project will put the community’s local talent on display through the painted sculptures.

We created 50 javelina pig statues out of polyurethane resin from a clay sculpture formed by world renowned artist Nicholas Wilson. Known for his focus on wildlife and art, Nicholas Wilson has had his works displayed at the Prix de West, the Artist’s of America show, and many others. The public art project was kicked off with a party for the artists and sponsors March 2019 and the painted javelina pig sculptures will be on display October 2019 – spring of 2020.

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