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According to popular belief, the modern fire hydrant design invention is credited to Frederick Graff Sr., Chief engineer of the Philadelphia Water Works around 1801.  Since then, the design has been improved upon and many variations of our plastic fire hydrants for sale have been produced.

Fire hydrants have become an enduring symbol of Americana, which have a wide range of appeal for many reasons. However, real fire hydrants pose dangers due to their weight of literally hundreds of pounds and top-heavy tipsiness, not to mention the potential of sharp edges and the possibility of toxic paint, which could be found on salvage hydrants. If one could even be sourced.

At Icon Poly, we have developed a line of replica fire hydrants, which have become popular enough for us to give them their own website. Here you will find 7 of our most popular plastic fire hydrants for sale, which are made of polyurethane resins and fiberglass reinforcements, all weighing in at just 15lbs., or less.

Most of our fire hydrant props are made directly from negative impression molds taken off the real fire hydrants they represent, which makes them the most realistic replica fire hydrants available on the market.

If you are looking for realism to complete that street scene in a television, movie, or stage production, you will want to take a look at any of our Mueller or Clow plastic fire hydrants for sale and choose which model will compliment your scene the most. If you are sourcing an outdoor fire hydrant for dogs, any of our fake fire hydrants will work great, however, after years of input from our customers we have developed a model specifically as a dog fire hydrant and another as a dog park fire hydrant, which may fit your needs.

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I just wanted to let you know how much we love our fire hydrant. The quality is amazing. I originally bought it to help train my dog where to go but after I saw how nice it was I decided to put it on display in my house and get the dog something else. Thanks.



We got our hydrant today and when we took it out of the box we were amazed at the detail and the quality. It is way more than we expected when we ordered it.



I was amazed at the quality and detail of the fire hydrant I purchased from you. I was a little nervous about my purchase at first, but knowing what I do now, I would have spent way more for it than I did. It is superb.



Received Hydrant today and it is GREAT. Better than I even imagined. If you need any references, I would be happy to help. Thanks again. Great job.



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