Seguin Texas welcomes first painted squirrel sculpture

 There’s a giant squirrel on the loose, and it’s exactly how the city of Seguin wants it. The first of a series of hand-crafted squirrels was unveiled this past Sunday on the lawn of Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church.

Congregation members joined the city of Seguin, its neighbors, and community members for the special unveiling of the larger-than-life concrete squirrel that has been transformed into an individually designed colorful work of art.

For weeks, even months, the fiberglass squirrel has been painted and prepared by local artist Nancy Hartfiel. . The squirrel statue was purchased to sit outside the church alongside the city’s Walnut Springs Hike and Bike Trail by Spirit of Joy congregation member Kathy Yandell.

Named Joy, the squirrel is a representation of the heritage of the church building which once served as the former Seguin ISD Juan Seguin campus – a campus that originally served as the Mexican school in the community. Feeding into the Hispanic culture with the help of last year’s 40th anniversary of Teatro De Artes De Juan Seguin, Hartfiel showcases Joy by utilizing the different flowers from all the various parts of Mexico.

Excited to have unveiled the city’s first squirrel is Kyle Kramm, Seguin Main Street, and CVB director. Kramm says the squirrels are all part of the Seguin Commission on the Arts Squirrel Trail Program – a program similar to public art projects used in some other cities. Examples include the horses in Amarillo or closer to home and the Mermaids in San Marcos.

“This is very exciting to know that we had this idea percolate in our heads for a while and then we started actually putting things on paper and then we started to write out the plan and we started getting quotes. It was a lengthy process just to get where we are at, but I definitely think it’s worth it. The excitement of the community and their response to just seeing that first squirrel – just seeing the concept when it first came out has been very exciting to see how well the community has responded to this,” said Kramm.

Kramm says hopefully a number of other painted squirrel sculptures will be placed around the community very soon.

“It’s exciting to see the first one actually outside in the wild. We’ve got several more in the works probably another four or five to be installed over the next two months or so and we’ve already got sponsors for another five so it’s going very well and so we are looking forward to having this public art that will beautify Seguin as well as help attract tourists and visitors because they will want to probably go around and see the different squirrels at all the different locations,” said Kramm.

Meanwhile, those wishing to purchase a squirrel sculpture are invited to contact Kramm or the Seguin Commission on the Arts. The city’s plan is to sell anywhere between 5 to 10 painted squirrels every year for the next few years.



Story by: Seguin Today – Cindy Aguirre

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