Photo Ops

Photo Ops have been popular at tourist sites and vacation areas since people started traveling for leisure. However, due to the social media boom, photo ops have become widely more popular and are even a viable advertising tool for businesses. Like everything, the photo ops are getting more elaborate, and all but gone are the days of plywood cutouts with painted figures with missing faces on them. Many of the modern photo ops are full 3D custom fiberglass animals and sculptures, including fiberglass horses, fiberglass gorillas, fiberglass jackrabbits, and even fiberglass monsters that most happy vacationers can hardly resist taking their pictures with. It is such a useful tool when coupled with the boom of social media that many popular destinations have built entire areas just for several picture ops, and some have even built their whole attraction around photo ops or mascot sculptures. Thanks to social media, one cleverly designed and placed promotional event display or corporate event photo op and a tourist with a smartphone can generate more recognition for your business in one day and reach across the world than a business 25 years ago could even dream about.

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