Corporate & School Mascots

School and corporate mascots bring a sense of pride and recognition to your brand. A good brand mascot can make your business, school, or sports team much more recognizable. If you don’t agree, I’m sure the Geico Gecko or Philly Phanatic could help change your mind. As a matter of fact, some mascots have even generated their own fan clubs and following, which can turn into substantial income sources for their owners. By turning the graphics of your mascot into a full 3D fiberglass mascot sculpture, you take your mascot from simple graphics on paper to something more lifelike that people can relate to and get emotional about. By getting people more emotionally attached to your brand, it will always increase revenue. Whether your corporate mascot is a person, animal, or object, we at Icon Poly can help you get more recognition from it by turning it into a full 3D fiberglass mascot sculpture.

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