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The 40 acres of St. George, now northeast Auburn, were platted in the 1850s. Sheridan was surveyed as a 160-acre town site in 1868, just a short distance west of St. George. Calvert began in 1881 as the result of a new railroad depot site being selected south of Sheridan. The place was chosen by the Burlington and Missouri Railroad, who purchased the land and named it in honor of Thomas E. Calvert, a railroad official.

Under the leadership of Church Howe and Charles Nixon, the towns of Calvert and Sheridan incorporated into the city of Auburn on May 1, 1882. The city was named after Auburn, New York.

Auburn became the county seat of Nemaha County on February 27, 1883. Nixon and Howe sold the land for a city park for $5,000, which now includes the memorial “Avenue of Flags” honoring all veterans from Nemaha County.

A vestige of the past, Auburn still supports two “downtown” areas—one being the courthouse square and the other in Sheridan along with the Crestview business district in south Auburn.

Auburn is Nebraska’s first Tree City USA, an honor they have held since 1976.


The Auburn Development Council, Inc. (ADC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and development of Nemaha County and Southeast Nebraska.

The goals of the ADC are to Retain and recruit businesses in Nemaha County, Facilitate the expansion of existing businesses, Improve the infrastructures of Auburn, Facilitate housing development, Facilitate workforce training, Facilitate the expansion of existing businesses, Market Nemaha County, and Improve the quality of life for the workforce of Nemaha County.

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Project Information

Nemaha County Leadership Class in southeast Nebraska is putting the state’s insect, the honeybee, on the map. Inspired by Wamego, KS’s, public art project, Nemaha County is displaying 21, 38” tall polyurethane resin honeybees painted by local artists across Nemaha County. Visitors will be able to find the painted bees in the towns of Brownville, Auburn, Peru, and Johnson.

In addition to celebrating Nebraska’s state insect, the leadership class is intending to draw attention to the fact that honeybees are on the decline and inspire more interest in the insect. They also hope the project will be a starting point for the county to start a honey festival and create a destination for all things honeybee.

Miniature: Nemaha County's Bee Hive

Honeybee In The Heartland Bee Hive

Auburn, Nebraska, the "Hive" for the Honeybees in the Heartland project brings you their miniature hive! Each beehive statue shows 25 bees buzzing around the hive to represent the 25 large bees Nemaha County has on display. Each beehive sculpture weights about 2 pounds and stands at 5 inches tall and 15 inches in diameter. The purchase of this beehive artwork design profits Honeybees in the Heartland and will support future art projects and events in Nemaha County. For more information click here

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