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Fiberglass Animals

Have you ever wanted to have a unique life size fiberglass animal display in front of your business, inside of your daycare, or even in your home? We have been creating life size fiberglass animals for years and have the ability to make them as realistic as you desire. From elephants to deer, we have created phenomenal animal displays of all sizes out of fiberglass, making them durable, yet lightweight. Check out some of our life size fiberglass animals to get some ideas.

We are in the custom fabrication business, which allows you to get the custom look that you want within the project that you are working on. Our work has been noticed by producers and directors – and we have provided props for Universal Studios as well as 20th Century Fox. This should provide you with the confidence that we can provide amazing props for your home, business,  Trade Shows, Museums, Conferences and Corporate events or anywhere else that you need a realistic and fun display.

Think about all of the possibilities that exist with life size fiberglass animal displays. You may want a single animal display to be produced as your team mascot or to have your company logo come to life. Custom fiberglass corporate mascots are a great way to brand yourself when you have a store front or when you go to any special event. It could be a great way for people to stop and take photos, too.


If you have a daycare, a children’s center, or anything else, you may want something fun for the kids to see when they come in the door. You can create an entire zoo out of fiberglass animals if you so desire – and we will work with you to achieve the look that you are after. Whether you need giraffes, monkeys, zebras, rhinos, or any other animal, we can provide them in a life-like way or in a cartoon style – simply let us know what you desire!

All of our life size fiberglass animal displays are custom made and can be painted in the color that you desire – or left in a ready to paint state if you want to paint the animals on your own. This can be a fun project for kids so that they can feel as though they helped to decorate the space that they will be in.

We have created monkeys for the Audubon Nature Institute Water Park and even camels for Media Star Promotions that have traveled with them around the United States. Just take a look at some of the community art projects we have done over the years. Fiberglass is a medium that provides you with the flexibility to take items with you and can be made to look like virtually any other medium.

Discover what we have available for you within our studio. Your imagination can run wild in terms of the animals that you wish to have created. Our designers will create any of the fiberglass animals that you need for any purpose.

Get in touch with us today, to learn more about our fiberglass animal designs or give us a call at 308-468-9411.

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