Icon Poly is a family owned company based in central Nebraska, which started as a hobby and launched into a business in 1999. After becoming a business, we started expanding our capabilities from sculpting, sculpture point-up and making fiberglass animals and sculptures by hand; to computerized sculpting, 3D foam milling, laser digital sculpture enlargement and a proprietary manufacturing process that allows us to accurately duplicate likenesses of sports and corporate mascots, make sophisticated trade show displays and make multiple 3D copies of a single design of paintable fiberglass sculptures for community art projects. With customer service and client satisfaction as our top priorities we can start with as little as a simple sketch and bring ideas to reality, using our state of the art technology and the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials available.


Public art projects promote local and regional artists, raise money for charities, and bring tourism dollars to your area.

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If you are looking for someone who can take your idea and make it a reality, your search is over.

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Whether it’s a sculpture enlargement, a sculpture reduction or creating a foam replica of a 3D digital file, we have the equipment and capabilities to complete your project.


Full 3D trade show displays and exhibits draw a lot of attention and can be made as static pieces or interactive and informative. Our wide range of equipment and skills allow us to complete simple or complex projects from concept to delivery.

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Anita Treiser

Dolphins Project Manager – Clearwater Regional Chamber

Icon Poly rose to the top of our list for custom molded fiberglass resin sculptures and public art projects following much research. Their experience and creativity were the first things that attracted us. Their timeliness, follow through and clear communications were factors that encouraged us to contract for our work with them. The very successful Clearwater’s Dolphins project is due in a large part to Icon Poly’s talent and team. The quality and design of the 6’ tall dolphin statue almost sold itself. Icon Poly’s ability to meet very tight deadlines, coach us through installation options and deliver the dolphins repeatedly to our community was exceptional. What began in May 2012 as a onetime 30 day display has turned into an ongoing public art project spanning 12 counties in Florida. I highly recommend partnering with Icon Poly for their specialized work for which they provide excellent customer service. To further emphasize our pleasure in working with them, we have referred Icon Poly to other clients who are now also singing their praises.


Rick Rackow

Marketing and Media Design – EBAA Iron, Inc

Icon Poly’s staff and their expertise assisted us in becoming the main attraction at our national industry trade shows. I handle marketing and trade show exhibits for a domestic foundry and manufacturer for the water pipeline industry. We had just developed and marketed a seventy-two inch flexible ball joint in which the company wished to promote at that year’s trade show in Chicago. The actual unit, cast from ductile iron weighed 26,000 pounds making transportation and setup costs for trade show exhibits exuberant. After considerable research and talking to past clients I contacted Icon Poly. Their staff worked with me and my goals and developed a full scale hard-foam replica that is so realistic to this day still shocks people that it is not real. The new display keeps my exhibition costs to a minimum and provides a potent visual to our product line capabilities. I would not hesitate to utilize their services again.