Trade Show Displays

When competing for customers at any trade show, it is paramount to have an eye-catching 3D trade show display. Many of today’s trade show booths are flat graphic-heavy pop-ups. Adding full 3D eye-catching fiberglass figures to your custom trade show exhibit display will get you noticed over any of the competition. At Icon Poly, we have made many elements to enhance trade show exhibit displays, including oversized fiberglass cows, dog biscuit dispensing fiberglass fire hydrants, huge replica foam ball joints, replica fiberglass and resin valves, fiberglass dogs statues, fiberglass turtles, and many custom resin and fiberglass sculptures. If you want to attract more attention at your next trade show with a custom trade show exhibit or display, or would like to reduce the weight of your heavy display piece to reduce your drayage, click on the contact us button to get help from our staff.

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