Ellen D.

Coxsackie’s Hoot of the Owl Committee, born in 2016, had no experience in organizing community art projects, but really wanted to bring the joy of an art festival to the Coxsackie, NY area. Our hope was to ultimately raise funds for local charities and bring folks to our riverside village to see beautifully decorated owls, the symbol of Coxsackie. We could not have found a better partner than Icon Poly to help us bring the dream of “What a Hoot!” to life! Icon Poly artists created an owl sculpture just for us, listened to our concerns, and made all the changes we requested. The turnaround time for the design was amazing, as was the production time. In our very first festival we displayed 52 fabulously made, wonderfully decorated owls, and “What a Hoot!” was a huge success. We have learned a great deal as we have proceeded through the subsequent years, and Icon Poly has been delightful to work with and super accommodating at every step of the way!

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