Public Awareness Campaigns

The public is inundated with signage. There are signs everywhere. So many that our brains have started ignoring most of them and only seeing the ones that give us the information we need at the exact time we need it. That is why you hear people that deal with the public daily say “nobody can read anymore” and in a lot of cases, signs are now viewed as liability releases for the poster rather than informational for the public. Due to this, some public institutions have gotten creative with their public awareness campaigns by using full 3D resin and fiberglass sculptures as public art installations to grab the attention of the public. From big replica fire hydrants and replica valves spewing water or milk to fiberglass sea turtle sculptures, this creative art campaign idea for PR displays & advertising examples has worked wonders in bringing attention to worthy campaigns. To help supercharge your public awareness campaign with a campaign-inspired public art, Contact Us.

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