Tamaqua Has Heart – Tamaqua, PA




Tamaqua Has Heart was part of an ongoing effort to unite the Tamaqua community and build excitement around the future of their small town.

The community started their efforts with Dear Tamaqua, a letter writing project that opened up a community-wide dialogue to embrace and celebrate Tamaqua’s cultural identity, both the good and bad. The Tamaqua Has Heart art project was the next step in the conversation and was a positive, tangible change to bring hope to the Tamaqua community.

Icon Poly was excited to be a part of this inspiring project and delivered 14 polyurethane resin heart sculptures that stood 4’ tall. 14 local artists were tasked with the job to paint the heart sculptures and illustrate hope in the future of Tamaqua.

The hearts were on display Memorial Day 2017 – Labor Day 2017 as part of a mile long walk through Tamaqua downtown. At the culmination of the Tamaqua Has Heart art project, the heart displays were auctioned off.

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