Herons on the Bayou- 2nd Wave- Ouachita Parish, Louisiana



Herons on the Bayou



Herons on the Bayou is thrilled to announce the largest, most widespread public art project to hit Ouachita Parish! This project will revolve around unique sculptures that will stand 6-7 feet tall and act as beacons throughout their community. Memphis has Tigers, New Orleans has Bead Dogs and Street Cars. Their sculpture will be a Heron, inspired by the Blue Heron that can be found in this area.

They asked their community to help make this project a reality by becoming sponsors for the Herons. Each sponsor that made a donation received a one of a kind Heron. The outdoor Heron sculptures they made were all identical at first, but each one will end up a unique work of art, created by some of their talented local artists.

Their hopes and goals are to see this project grab the hearts of the community from the very beginning. They want these large heron statues to find homes all throughout the community.

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