Dala Horse- Olsburg, KS




In the small town of Olsburg, Kansas lives 218 residents. The town has an expansive background of history and culture. The town’s heritage is predominately Swedish, the Dala horse is used in lots of their advertising and some of their logos. Although everyone in the town is not blood-related, they all come together, and residents say there’s a family feel to the community. With just 218 residents and three streets, you might think the town would be bare bones, but in fact, it’s quite the opposite.
If the town of Olsburg wants something to be done, they all come together and make it happen. The town wanted a community pool, they took in donations, and a short while later, they had a wonderful place for the community to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. Not only do they have a pool, but they also have a school, bank, church, many local businesses, a gas pump, fire station, local grocery store, and even an automotive shop. As you can see, the town does not play around when it comes to the well-being of its residents.
The town’s Pride Group was given a gift from an individual. The Pride Group wanted a way not only to say thank you to that individual but also wanted a way to honor the entire town. Since the Swedish heritage is such a big part of their history, they knew what they wanted to do. They wanted to incorporate the Dala horse into the town in some manner.The idea of a public Dala horse art project then came into play.
The Pride Group plans to receive 30 fiberglass Swedish Dala horse sculptures within the next coming months. The Pride Group knew they didn’t want them to be painted by fancy artists, they wanted these sculptures to be painted by the school, local businesses, and the local families. If residents don’t feel like their art skills are fully up to the challenge, the Pride Group said they will provide someone to help them. Community members are encouraged to show their creativity and are not required to paint these horse sculptures traditionally. Supplies needed to transform these sculptures will be provided. These horses will not be standing alone, planter boxes also will be made to help further add to the beautification efforts of the town. Soil for the boxes will be donated by a local florist. To ensure these horses stay in tip-top shape, they will be coated in an automotive clear coat donated by the local automotive shop.
As you can see, the town of Olsburg may not have a lot, but they all pitch in to make living in this small community something unique and wonderful. At Christmas time, the 1st Saturday in December the church puts on a Swedish super. Over 600 tickets are sold and people from all over come to this small community to not only eat a scrumptious buffet of Swedish food but to also learn about the town’s Swedish culture. Every year residents and visitors storm out of their houses to find the Dala horse that’s hidden in the town. The only way to find the horse is to become a great historian and learn about the town’s heritage and history.

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