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A miniature of the Cranes on Parade II fundraising project stands on a table as the announcement of artists was made Tuesday at the Museum of Nebraska Art. Artists will receive their 6-foot cranes in the next few weeks and start working on them for an end of March deadline. The public art project, presented by the Kearney Dawn Rotary Club, follows the 2003 Cranes on Parade. The mission of both crane figurine projects is …


KEARNEY — One of the major fund-raising activities for the 2010 Cattlemen’s Ball June 4-5 at Lori and Norris Marshall acreage southwest of Kearney will be an auction of 3-foot-tall decorated fiberglass Western boots. Many of the plain white boots were delivered Thursday evening at the Viaero Event Center parking lot to some of the 50-plus businesses and individuals who donated $500 to the ball, which has a goal of raising funds primarily for the …


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