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Samuel Slater Experience



Sheep are soon to be roaming about in the town of Webster, MA. The “Samuel Slater Experience” is a new up-and-coming museum that is honoring the rich history of the textile industry and the American Industrial Revolution in New England. The museum showcases Samuel Slater and the unique way that he brought textiles to America. Textile workers were not allowed to enter America or share technological information on the machinery used. Slater had to disguise himself as a farmer to be able to enter the country. The phrase “Slater the Traitor” was then coined for the criminal-like way he entered the country.

The museum was looking for a creative way to showcase history as a public art installation. Members of the committee thought long and hard about what they could use to represent the rich history. In the textile industry, many different types of materials are used. Samuel Slater was also known to spin wool. The committee members then decided that sheep would be fun and whimsical. It would tie perfectly into the history and would promote the “Samuel Slater Experience” for the community and visitors alike to enjoy for generations to come.

In what will be the first round, the museum will receive 25 fiberglass sheep sculptures. Local artists will be asked to help transform these blank sheep statues into something phenomenal.

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