Edisto Turtle Tide – Edisto Island, SC



Edisto Chamber of Commerce



The Edisto Chamber of Commerce created the Turtle Tide Art Project to benefit local businesses, artists, and non-profit organizations. The first wave of 10 fiberglass turtle sculptures raised funds for local non-profits. In addition to supporting non-profits, the painted sea turtle sculptures offered visitors a glimpse into Edisto’s creative art community and provided information about the loggerhead turtles that call Edisto Island home.

Once the sea turtle sculptures were auctioned off, the 2022 kick-off project raised over $60,000 for the following organizations:

  • Animal Lovers of Edisto (ALOE)
  • Edisto Island Community Association
  • Edisto Island Open Land Trust
  • Edisto Island Youth Recreation
  • The Good Samaritan Clinic
  • Edisto Beach Volunteer Fire Department
  • Edisto Beach Loggerhead Turtle Project
  • Sleigh Belles

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