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The name Coxsackie is said to be derived from a Native American term, and over 350 years has had various spellings: Koxhacking, Koixhacking, and Koxsackie are three of the over 60 different recorded spellings. There are also multiple translations with references to: owls, geese, and aspects of the nearby river. “Hoot of the Owl”, “Place of Owls”, and “Migrating Geese” are a few of these translations. Even the best scholars have not agreed to the exact meaning, but locally, the widely accepted meaning has to do with owls, and the owl has often been used as a local symbol.

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Project Information

What a Hoot! is a public art installation, sponsored by the Village of Coxsackie, and organized by the Hoot of the Owl Committee. Our goal is to raise money for various local charities. After the tremendous reception to our inaugural year, which also coincided with the Village of Coxsackie’s 150th anniversary, the Hoot of the Owl Committee took the owl by the horns and did it again in 2018. In 2019, the committee decided that a gap year would be a good thing, so one raffle owl was created to keep interest going for the following year’s festival in 2020.

Miniature: Coxsackie's Owl

The Village of Coxsackie is excited to bring you miniature owls, the newest addition to their long-running project. The mini owl sculptures for sale are great for anyone to paint and put on display at their home or office. Display a miniature owl by itself or add it as a companion piece to it's larger family members. These owl statues measure 7" Tall x 6" Wide x 4" Long   Learn more about Coxsackie and What A Hoot!

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