Icon Poly is introducing our new, ready to paint, Miniature Program. A product line made up of miniature replicas of Community Art Project sculptures.

With the purchase of each piece, we will donate 25% to your project or supporting organization.

Each piece will be sized for a retail price of $39 and will be primed white, ready to paint. Most sculptures will range between 6 and 10 inches on the largest dimension and will replicate your project sculpture.

The program is available FREE of charge for past, present, and future art project partners with icons suitable for miniature reproduction. When you sign up for this FREE program, we will determine if your figure can be replicated as a miniature. If so, we will make the miniature available for purchase.

When your project begins, your miniature will be placed on our website for sale at When people purchase your miniatures, your money will accumulate until it is paid out by Icon Poly one time each month on the designated date.

All in all, the program is simple. We will provide you with a link to send supporters to the online Icon Poly store to purchase miniature icons, and you will receive money monthly for the icons sold.

For more details, and to sign up for this free program, contact us!

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